REETA POHJONEN has been teaching Homeopathy, Yoga and Shiatsu for the past 20 years. She has taught in Finland, Italy and Ethiopia.

My passion is teaching about holistic and homeopathic treatment of pregnancy and birth. I have taught doulas and midwives in Finland and Italy. I am a strong supporter of home and water births. I am a mother of 4 adults. I carried my oldest son from birth to grave at the age of 24 years. I call myself doula for the after world too.

I am the principal of Transformational School of Homeopathy, Helsinki. Teaching Homeopathy is my passion and life calling. I teach families, my favorite being the bird remedies, gem stones, maternal remedies and sea remedies. I love teaching homeopathic philosophy, miams and provings and triturations.

I graduated as a Classical Homeopath in 2000. I graduated from Dynamis Copenhagen in 2010 and Dynamis Helsinki 2015. My great inspiration in Homeopathy has been Divya Chhabra, Camilla and Jeremy Sherr, Alize Timmerman, Linda Gwillim, Antoinette McWeeney.

I am also a shiatsu therapist, a maternal yoga instructor and 3 Principles facilitator. I studied comparative literature, education and comparative religion in the Helsinki University.

I have done and participated in numerous provings and triturations. My first was my theses on blue-green algae (1999).

Here are some of the other provings / triturations:

Haffnium metallicum (2009 Dynamis), Ethiopian fire opal (2010), Black swan (2012), Lac ursula (2013), Honey (2015 Dynamis Helsinki), Iboga (2016), Placenta (2018), Flamingo (2019), Bosnian Pyramid water (2019), Peacock (2020), Mother Amma water (2020), Jupiter, Saturn, Mars (2020), Ritual Cacao (2021).

We did 5 Finnish provings at our school Birch, Wood grouse, Blue berry, Twin flower, Siberian jay.

I would love to come and teach at your school or health centre. I also teach short courses on homeopathic first aid, children’s homeopathic treatment, pregnancy and birth, therapeutic gem stones, homeopathic treatment while travelling.

I can teach in Finnish, English, French, Spanish and Italian (with translator’s help).

Contact me reeta@pohjonen.org